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Trust & Probate Real Property Sales

The Trust and Probate Division of Compass was created to meet the unique challenges of selling a property held in a trust or sold through the probate process. Team leaders Susan Andrews and Justin Roberts of Andrews & Roberts Real Estate Group are Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist ( C.P.R.E.S.) who offer trustees and fiduciaries the unique skills needed to manage these complex transactions, along with the marketing expertise it takes to maximize the property selling price.

Our marketing program is the leader in this field, regularly generating multiple offers and sale prices higher than market value. Andrews & Roberts Real Estate Group represent trust departments at major banking institutions across Los Angeles, CPA’s, noted law firms, estate planners and financial consultants. Per our fiduciary responsibilities, we are mindful to protect the beneficiaries’ privacy and honor the estate’s legacy while providing the quality white glove service that makes for a seamless experience.

The ultimate goal is to maximize the estate’s profit. With trust and probate sales complications often arising unexpectedly, having guidance provided by our professional team will be invaluable to successfully complete the transaction.

If you are unfamiliar with the world of trust and probate sales, working with a Compass real estate team like Andrews & Roberts will make the process much more manageable. Selling and purchasing probate properties is different in Los Angeles County than in other parts of the country, making it imperative that you work with someone who has direct knowledge of the California Probate Code.