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The Oaks Los Feliz

The Oaks is the only part of Los Feliz that that falls outside of the 90027 zip code. Residents’ address ends in 90068 and includes the celebrity enclave gated street called Valley Oak Drive.  This hilly and amply shaded area is populated with beautiful homes and embodies a character that its residents appreciate sufficiently enough to keep them there for extended stays, often several decades. The strong civic pride of its residents is reflected in the very active, voluntary homeowners association which works to preserve the area’s beauty and order. The neighborhood is bordered by Foothill Drive on the south, Griffith Park to the north, Canyon Drive on the west, and Fern Dell Drive to the east and its moniker is derived from the winding streets named after various types of oak trees (e.g. Live Oak, Red Oak, Verde Oak, etc.)  Another popular area among Hollywood’s elite, past and present, The Oaks offers homes that are a generous mix of revival styles dating back to the ‘20s, balanced by modern architectural gems, so anyone (with an income somewhere north of the national median) can find something that they like here.  As with other hilly parts of Los Feliz, many of the homes offer great views, while others are tucked into wonderfully shaded pockets, creating an idyllic retreat from the city.  Having a GPS when navigating your way through the neighborhood for the first time is a good idea.