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Beverly Hills Flats

Beverly Hills Flats – In spite of the city’s name, most residents live in the “flats” which is the relatively flat land area making up most of Beverly Hills real estate. Santa Monica Boulevard runs east to west through Beverly Hills houses and divides the “flats” into North and South areas. The residential Beverly Hills houses in the north “flats” between Santa Monica Blvd and Sunset Blvd. are best known for having long wide paved streets lined with rows of proud towering Palm trees. The Beverly Hills real estate south of Santa Monica Blvd is predominately occupied by high-end retail shops, award winning restaurants, luxury hotels and apartment buildings. The Golden Triangle, with Rodeo Drive at its center, was built and marketed to the rest of the world as the shopping destination of a lifetime. Beverly Hills homes in the south “flats” have more urban square and rectangular shaped lots. They are generally much smaller in size and lower in price comparative to Beverly Hills homes in the north “flats”. Some of the most exclusive and most expensive houses for sale in Los Angeles are in the Beverly Hills “flats” situated north of Santa Monica Blvd and in the hills just above Sunset Blvd near the Beverly Hills Hotel. Houses for sale in Beverly Hills generally start in the $3 million dollar range and real estate in Beverly Hills can reach as high as $50 million.