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Madison Crimi-DeMichele

Madison Crimi-DeMichele
Sports & Entertainment Estates Agent

Growing up in the Bay Area, Madison was raised in an eclectic household. Exposure to her mother’s career in multi-family residential design and her father’s work in graphic design, gave Madison an early introduction to real estate and the creative process. With this foundation established, it naturally paved the way for a career in residential and commercial real estate.

Recognizing her talent and passion for sports, Whittier College recruited Madison to play both golf and softball. As a dual collegiate athlete, she quickly mastered the art of commitment and time management. There, she had the unique opportunity to personalize her own major; earning a BA in Entertainment Media Management with an emphasis in sports.

Madison previously worked for Titleist as a golf ball specialist, managed youth camps, and gave lessons to golfers of all ages. She has been a part of the Bellator MMA family for many years but has recently focused her time in Event Operations and Ticket sales. While maintaining ties with the Bonafede team in her hometown of San Jose, Madison has joined forces with Andrews & Roberts in the Greater Los Angeles Area; utilizing her specialized knowledge and skills to help facilitate transactions for high profile sports and entertainment clientele.

Through her encouraging and uplifting spirit, Madison is constantly using her resources and networking ability to improve the lives of those around her. Give her a call when you’re ready to buy, sell or hit the links!