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Los Feliz Hills

Los Feliz Hills is an area that lies in the hills east of The Estates and is commonly referred to simply as “north of the Boulevard”.  As with most other hillside communities, the streets in this area are twisting and winding lending to a sense of quiet seclusion.  But unlike many other hillside communities, many of these streets have generous widths and even boast sidewalks.  At the confluence of Vermont and Hillhurst Avenues is the Vermont parkway.  This roadway, with its otherworldly sized trees that span the huge grass median that divides it, provides one of the most idyllic and picturesque streetscapes in LA. The homes in the Los Feliz hills are predominately larger houses selling at the upper end of the area’s price range.  Of course, many of the homes come with splendid views. But, even better, these are views to be used. Given the proximity to Griffith Park, which abuts the neighborhood, there couldn’t be a more ideal location for those with a penchant for hiking, golf, and the many other outdoor activities that the park affords.