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Benedict Canyon

Benedict Canyon represents some of the most exclusive Beverly Hills houses. Benedict Canyon connects Sherman Oaks in the Valley to Beverly Hills real estate from its high point at the crest line on Mulholland Drive and ends near the junction of Sunset Boulevard where the famous Beverly Hills Hotel is located. Parallel and to the east of the Canyon are its two sisters, Franklin Canyon and Coldwater Canyons occupying Beverly Hills real estate and BHPO. Benedict Canyon was originally a part of Rancho de las Aguas (“Ranch of the Waters”) and was named by Edson A. Benedict, a storekeeper and native of Missouri who in 1868 took a homestead in the Canyon. Benedict Canyon is known for still having most of its original canyon terrain and wildlife intact. The Benedict Canyon Association (BCA), started in 1948, is an example of strong Beverly Hills neighborhood activism. The BCA is dedicated to preserving the beauty, safety, environment and quality of life in the Canyon of Beverly Hills houses. Because of their early efforts, Benedict Canyon remains the only Canyon that is 100% residential. The residential housing stock ranges from 700 square foot homes which were built in the 1920’s as hunting cabins to 12,000 square foot newer construction Mediterranean homes. The hills are full of very expensive houses for sale in Los Angeles, luxurious homes of every ilk, many of which are neatly hidden from the view of passersby. While some more mid-priced houses for sale in L.A. exist in this area, the tendency is for the Beverly Hills homes in the canyon areas to be impressive, expansive and expensive. Tucked away in this secluded neighborhood Canyon of Beverly Hills houses is the sprawling estates of celebrities Jay Leno, Lisa Krudrow, Bruce Springsteen, and David Beckham, as well as moguls David Geffen and Ron Burkle.