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West Gate Bel Air

West Gate Bel Air entrance is located at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Bellagio Road. Although, the Western and younger section of Bel Air houses for sale is typically not as expensive as the Eastern section, you can still expect to pay upwards of $1,000,000 for a home. Much of the western part of Bel Air homes was destroyed in the Bel Air Fire of 1963. As a result, much of Bel Air real estate was re-developed in the mid 60s. There are therefore a wide variety of architectural and construction styles represented throughout Bel Air homes including some spectacular examples of Classic and Mid-century architecture. With a varied mix of architectural styles and sizes, West Gate Bel Air houses for sale offer everything from simple ranch style homes to ornate multi-million dollar mansions. As you progress from the west to the east of Bel Air houses for sale, the prices will rise and become more consistent. Higher up in the foothills, homes tend to become more modest and the lots smaller. In the foothills of Bel Air, closer to Sunset Boulevard, is the more desirable area because of the close proximity to the major thoroughfare and the larger sizes of the lots. Bordering the campus of UCLA, the West Gate Bel Air homes provide close proximity to many entertainment establishments, sports, education and other leisure activities on the Westside of Los Angeles.