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Hollywood Dell

The Hollywood Dell is a residential neighborhood located in what is called the east Hollywood Hills homes section because it is on the east side of the 101 Hollywood Freeway. Although, before the 101 Freeway was constructed, The Hollywood Dell was considered part of the original historic Whitley Heights neighborhood of Hollywood Hills homes. The borders of “the Dell” are east of Cahuenga, north of Franklin, west of Argyle and south of the Hollywood Reservoir. Located in the Hollywood Hills between the 101 Freeway and Beachwood Canyon it is fully encompassed by zip code 90068. The Hollywood Dell is so named because it sits “in” the hills that are just above commercial and tourist popular Hollywood as opposed to being on top of the hills. The roads within “the Dell” are mainly hilly and many homes are built on smaller hillside lots. Thus, you will travel down to get into the dell and up when leaving the area. Typical homes in the Dell are pre-World War 2 single family dwellings with a heavy influence of Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture and Moorish design.