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Los Feliz Griffith Park needs you!

If your one among the thousands of people who enjoy spending time at Griffith Park, located in Los Feliz then why not become a part of friends of Griffith Park.

Some people may not be aware that the park may soon cease to be a natural escape from urban pressures. With the Impact of reductions in funding, maintenance & staffing the park has not been given the care it deserves to preserve the rich biodiversity it has.

Friends of Griffith Park is a non-profit organization that seeks to conserve the parks essence. With your support and participation we can preserve and protect this beautiful park for future generations to enjoy. For as little as $25 dollars you can become a member or just sign up to volunteer your time and help us to preserve and sustain this beautiful park in Los Feliz!


To learn more about becoming a member or a volunteer with Friends of Griffith Park’s website.

Information courtesy of Friends of Griffith Park