11. The Leasing Market Will Continue To Have Lower Occupancy

For apartments and leasing, many markets experienced delayed busy seasons, which made the fall season and the transition into winter busier than in years past. Still, we will see more discounts offered as buildings are experiencing lower-than-average occupancy.

12. Virtual Tours Will Become A Family Home Buying Experience

This winter will bring more virtual tours, which may translate to more buyers due to the historically low interest rates and our new ways of life. The ability to tour homes from the comfort of our homes with more family members will make the home buying experience more pleasurable. The need for more space for growing families and home offices may result in a hot winter for American suburban homes.

13. Covid-Inspired Buyers Will Balance The Normal Winter Lull

On the purchase side, I expect that many buyers driven by “Covid flight” will counterbalance the normal winter lull so that there will be a strong winter market. On the rental side, as government subsidies and eviction moratoriums expire this winter, unfortunately, I expect a lot more pain and distress for tenants who can’t pay and for property owners who can’t withstand the rental loss.

14. Traditional Seasonal Patterns Will Be Disrupted

Seasonal buying and renting patterns have completely shifted. This is not a result of cold weather, but major shifts in normal corporate hiring patterns, college graduations and virtual/flexible school enrollments for families.